Strategy, Insights, Analysis

During the strategy phase, our team determines the processes of creating data and insight strategies that are specific to either the website and/or the application. They examine how your users use and position your relevant products, and followingly what product-specific data is to be collected and reported in line with the strategies. 

During the operation phase, our team takes care of all the necessary setups for advertising and third-party actions of the data that are determined previously on the strategy phase. Also responsible for the accuracy of the setups and the realization of healthy data flow, our team manages the related test and control processes at regular intervals.

Visualizing and reporting all the collected data, report automatizations, and regular report tracking are also processes that are led by our Product Analytics & Data Science department.

In terms of analysis and gathering insights, our team takes care of analyzing the data collected using machine learning algorithms to create insights, and forward the outcomes and audiences to our Performance Marketing department.

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