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Performance Marketing - 01 September 2022
Performance Marketing

Google Travel Insights is one of Google's newest products. It opens the secrets of the travel industry by providing free insights with data on the basis of regions, countries and cities to users who want to follow the travel and hotel industry trends. With Google Travel Insights, you can track the change of interest and popularity level of users to travel destinations.

What does Google Travel Insights do?

Google Travel Insights is a free tool that reports regional changes in the Travel industry in channels where users have a chance to collect data from Google. With this tool, many of the insights sought in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry are provided free of charge. For example, thanks to this tool, which regions of Turkey are popular when traveling from Germany to Turkey? While the popularity of which regions are increasing, you can see which regions are trending downwards, and you can shape your region-based investments accordingly in Digital platforms.

How to use Google Travel Insights?

You can access this free service provided by Google by clicking here. When you reach the page, two sections will welcome you. One of them and the tool that we will talk about in detail in this article will be the Destination Insights.

As Destination Insights Google defines it "Explore how tourism demand is changing and how this year compares to previous years' demand.". In this tool you can explore how the Aviation and Hospitality industry is changing and transitioning of interest based and areas.

What is Google Travel Insights and How to Use it Effectively?

In the interface, we choose the country in which we are curious about the distribution of interest volume. In the second step, if we are curious about the city-based data of a particular country, we select the country we want to select in the Dropdown titled Destination Insights. If we are curious about the global interest, we can leave this selection as Worldwide. In the third step, we choose the Travel Type, this selection is divided into two as domestic or international. In the fourth step, under the Demand Category heading, we choose Accommodation or Air. In the last step, we select the date range that you want to see the interest in. When you’re submitting, the distribution of interest is listed directly on the basis of region, country and cities.

How to use Google Travel Insights in Ads?

If you are managing an account in the Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality sector, you must have wondered about the change of interest on the basis of regions or how your investments will be shaped, and you have done many tests while creating your budget plans. In our Corendon Airlines’s accounts, which we provide Performance Marketing consultancy services, we often try to track our budgets, search interest to find the most appropriate budget allocation.

After getting acquainted with the Google Travel Insights tool, we started to consider the data we obtained from the Google Travel Insights report, as well as the past CRM data, current search volumes and impression shares from our search ads. We also use the data we get from Google Travel Insights in our budget allocations, bidding management and our first market research in the countries when we expand our operation in new markets, using the data we get from this report and other reports which mentioned above.

In addition, we can automate the reporting and account management processes thanks to the Web Scraper and Google Ads Scripts we have prepared. We can automate the reports I mentioned above with a scraper that we store on a server, and we use them effectively in campaign management with Google Ads Scripts.

In your own accounts, you can discover new target markets from the data here, and shape your ads according to the insights from the Google Travel Insights tool.

Ad Account Management with Google Travel Insights

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, we automatically process the data we receive from this tool in our Corendon Airlines account, monitor its changes on a weekly basis, and structure the keywords we target in Google Search campaigns with the insights we get from this report.

For example, with the help of the data we get here and the Google Ads API, you can automatically add keywords to your Ad Groups, update your budgets, and update your bids. You can manage ad groups or keywords with Google Ads API Scripts. Therefore, you can edit and manage your ad texts and extensions with trending cities.

You can combine the data you get from the Google Travel Insights report with your other reports and facilitate your campaign management with the insights you get.

Final words for Google Travel Insights:

  • Note that Google Travel Insights consists only of data gathered from Google’s data sources. Does not contain Social Media, TV or Market Research trends.
  • Consider Google Travel Insights data as a data source that you can use in addition to the data you get from your accounts, sales-based CRM data, and other data sources, rather than just treating it as a single criterion.
  • Country-based travel trends can change very quickly, we do not recommend you to use it as a decision maker for your daily actions.
  • When evaluating all data, make sure you can read the data clearly. If you are not sure about the actions you will take, I recommend that you contact your digital marketing consultants.

If you want to improve your accounts with automation solutions and focus on more marketing strategy and your customers with eliminating human-based errors, you can contact the AnalyticaHouse team.

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