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E-Commerce & E-Export - 03 September 2022
E-Commerce & E-Export

With the introduction of the concept of pandemic into our lives recently, our shopping habits have gained a new dimension. As a result of the increasing interest in e-commerce sites, competition between vendors has also increased. This competition means different things in the apparel industry and for more niche market products. In order to have high sales and to draw a successful route in e-commerce, it is necessary to pay attention to the product group to be sold. While the trend products sold with the effect of the pandemic between 2020 and 2021 are similar, the same situation is expected for 2022.

The sharp change in needs and habits has provided great growth to e-commerce sellers, while also creating an opportunity for those who want to do this business. Many store owners have moved their businesses to the virtual environment. This situation also created an opportunity for those who are just starting a new job. However, although many sellers are successful, there are also virtual stores that do not sell on the contrary. This article is about products that are both trending in 2021 and expected to trend in 2022. To list these products:

1) Smart Watches

Technological products are developing day by day and the demand for this field is increasing with this rate. While many products such as wireless chargers, headphones, speakers have taken their place in daily life, smart watches that have been popular in recent years have also taken their place among these products. According to the Google Trends report, smartwatches increased in search rates last September and took their place among the trending products on virtual shelves as the best-selling product in many marketplaces. While it is a device that can be reached by buyers with its wide price scale, it can be a product that is preferred to be sold as a product with a high sales volume.

2022 Trend Products: 10 Products That Are Expected To Be Trending In E-Commerce

2) Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Today's technological developments allow automation systems to be used at home as well as for commercial use. Robot vacuums, one of the most trendy products, allow us to save time as well as reduce the use of physical power. The price disadvantage of the new development of robot vacuum cleaner technology is losing its effect with the increase in large-scale production. Due to the increase in efficiency and falling prices, it is expected that robot vacuums will enter more homes and their use will become widespread.

2022 Trend Products: 10 Products That Are Expected To Be Trending In E-Commerce

3) Phone Case

Phone cases have become one of the new trend products with the increase in mobile phone models day by day. Regardless of the pandemic process and its difficult effects, the interest in mobile phone cases is increasing day by day. As a result of diversity, phone cases seem to be trending for a long time. It is expected to be a suitable choice for those who plan to start selling in the field of e-commerce, as the cost of the covers is low and they are open to innovation and diversity.

2022 Trend Products: 10 Products That Are Expected To Be Trending In E-Commerce

4) Electric Bicycle

The importance and awareness given to environmental sensitivity is increasing day by day. While the use of fossil fuels caused by individual vehicle use harms the natural environment, the awareness of the society has increased the demand for electric vehicles. In addition, with the effects of the pandemic, the society turned to individual transportation and transportation instead of taxi and public transportation (metro, bus, tram, train, etc.).

2022 Trend Products: 10 Products That Are Expected To Be Trending In E-Commerce

Electric bicycles, which are increasingly used around the world, can be marketed as a product with high price-performance efficiency in the e-commerce sector, as they are both beneficial in terms of health and inexpensive in terms of cost. In particular, incentives are provided for green transportation and electric vehicles in Northwest European countries. It is expected that similar incentives will be made in Turkey in the future, both by the society and by the conjuncture. For these reasons, electric bicycles are expected to be among the trend products of 2022.

5) Sports Equipment

During the quarantine period, the movement area was restricted due to the curfews that people were exposed to. However, many gyms ceased to operate. Therefore, during this period, many people sought ways to move at home. People started to try new ways with sports equipment and this habit was reflected in e-commerce sales. With the increase in demand for sports products, product prices have also increased. The chart below shows the search volume for the gym mat in the last year. It is a good idea to produce innovative products in order to rise in this competitive field. The water bottles, which appear with a different interpretation every day, become a suitable example for these products.

2022 Trend Products: 10 Products That Are Expected To Be Trending In E-Commerce

6) Pet Products

With the increase in the time spent at home during the pandemic, it became inevitable to seek socialization opportunities at home. People sought ways to improve the quality of their time at home. Adopting a pet has become one of the best options for both sharing loneliness and having fun. Pet ownership rates, which have increased especially compared to the pre-pandemic period, are the biggest proof of this. It has become a necessity to take care of our pet friends, which reduces the stress on the lonely city people in a short time. As this awareness spreads, the demand for pet care products is increasing day by day. New trend products for pets are emerging in the fields of clothing, food and cosmetics.

2022 Trend Products: 10 Products That Are Expected To Be Trending In E-Commerce

7) Office Products

With the increase in the time spent at home and the rate of remote work, an increase in orthopedic health problems is observed in the society. Also, the increase in the time individuals spend sitting, problems in the joints in the waist and neck region began to be seen. For this reason, interest in products such as office chairs, waist pillows and laptop stands has increased. The increase in household demand for lumbar pillows is also seen in the Google Trends graph below. For individuals, since health is a fundamental and integral part of their lives; A decrease is not expected in the demand for these products in the short and long term, on the contrary, it is thought that office products will maintain their place among the trend products.

2022 Trend Products: 10 Products That Are Expected To Be Trending In E-Commerce

8) Cosmetic Products That Are Not Tested On Animals

One of the most important examples of the increase in consciousness and social sensitivity in our age is seen as a product that does not test on animals. According to the news of Marketing Turkey, the video named "Save Ralph", which was published recently and describes the experiment on animals, also triggered this. Many vegan/cruelty-free cosmetics brands come to the fore with the increase of awareness among people and the contribution of the applications developed in this field.

2022 Trend Products: 10 Products That Are Expected To Be Trending In E-Commerce

Although the cosmetics industry has always attracted attention, vegan and/or cruelty-free products have been the focus of attention in recent years, and brands producing these cruelty-free products have increased their sales. Knowing as a consumer that a product does not harm another living thing encourages consumers to buy those products. For this reason, cruelty-free products are expected to be among the trend products in e-commerce.

9) Organic Products

With the increasing importance given to health, organic products are more preferred. The increasingly poor quality of products to make them cheap is pushing people to the organic market. With the pandemic, full efficiency is expected from the products eaten and drunk. Drug-free and hormone-free foods are preferred by all age groups, regardless of price. For example, attention started to be paid to the numbers on the eggs and people's interest in fabricated eggs decreased. It seems that the demand for organic products in different food groups like this will increase.

10) Home Decoration Products

The increase in the time spent at home, the need to change the living space began. As a result, home decoration products, which have increased recently, can be the most appropriate trend product group when starting e-commerce. With the increase in the demand for handmade products and the support for entrepreneurial people, the number of people selling in this field is increasing, and the competition is also increasing. For this reason, specially designed products always attract more attention. According to the Google Trends report, the interest in the candle category increases periodically. In order to sell in this area, both trend products should be followed and innovative ideas should be developed.

2022 Trend Products: 10 Products That Are Expected To Be Trending In E-Commerce

In this period when e-commerce sales are increasing, you can choose the most suitable trend product group and platform, set up the website, and take your place in the marketplaces. First of all, you should decide on the area you will sell, then find the most suitable service for you.

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