Strategy, Optimization, Administration

Our team carries out the management of existing e-commerce websites and prepares strategies for brands that do not yet have an e-commerce website in order for them to start from scratch. Through our solution partners on website development, our team makes sure that we choose the most suitable website platform that serves the needs of the brand. Once the platform is decided on, our team creates the website design by paying attention to the details of user experience. Later on, they complete all the operational processes on the website such as adding products, payment methods, logistics methods, and integration with marketplaces & accounting programs. This way, an e-commerce website is readily submitted to the brands. In addition, in the management phase, our team helps to make contentual, software-based and visual changes to add products to the website, optimize products and their prices, and improve the website in terms of user experience.

About marketplace management, our team supports the brands in the management and establishment of all the marketplaces in Turkey. They carry out the integration phase together with the marketplaces and the relevant integration teams. All of the strategic and operational processes such as campaign participation, in-marketplace ad management, price optimization, and in-market SEO processes are handled by our team.

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