• Drive improvements in digital marketing efforts through data collection and analysis
  • Analyze web analytics and other quantitative and qualitative data to identify opportunities to improve client websites / applications via using analytics platforms (Google Analytics, Adjust,Google Tag Manager)
  • Actively cooperate on evaluation of online activities and campaigns ROI with other teams, provide insights on website changes or optimization activities.
  • Execute forecasting on web and revenue data for proper planning provided for the client.
  • Drive business intelligence for tracking and web analytics for clients’ digital marketing efforts. They will also be responsible for developing and growing the web Analytics practice: analytics strategy approach, online/offline measurement and optimization strategies of both structured and unstructured data.
  • Develop regular and ad hoc reports, analyze trends, summarize and present findings, and articulate key insights.
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for on site optimization and take a lead role to recommend online merchandising and design improvements and plan & conduct A/B or multivariate tests.
  • Provide development methods for measuring and analyzing cross-platform digital experiences, from websites to social media to mobile to offline, to create a single view of the customer that integrates all channels and optimizes customer experience.
  • Make data-driven decisions to drive customers a web and app experience, and retain them through innovative, personalized incentives and communication.
  • Research the latest developments in web analytics, testing/optimization methodologies, and attribution techniques to understand the business in-depth, support and challenge strategic options, and build state-of-the-art tools to improve our marketing plans and performance.


  • Minimum 2 year of experience in Google Tag Manager
  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, engineering, marketing, statistics, or related field
  • Detailed understanding of tag management and web/mobile analytics tools
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and javascript
  • Experience in conducting and interpreting A/B & multivariate testing
  • Experience in mobile tracking and analysis
  • Self-motivated and eager to learn about technological developments
  • Passionate about digital marketing
  • Familiarity with techniques such as regression, extrapolation, time series analysis, forecasting, statistical hypothesis testing, and econometric models
  • Knowledge of statistical testing techniques and interpretation


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