• Develop and maintain backend APIs
  • Incorporate data you get from third-party APIs and data you get from the data science team.
  • Use docker to containerize software for deployment and scalability
  • Work with both developers and the business team to develop software that best fits the business needs of our clients.
  • Manage the details of end-to-end implementation and deployment, keeping track of dependencies within a large design.
  • Communicate with the UI/UX team and advise them on the technical feasibility and workload of the planned features
  • Work communicatively, inclusively, and transparently


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering with preferable universities,
  • Strong technical skills in Python and web technologies (3+ years)
  • Designing and developing API-driven applications with any python framework. (Django or FastAPI is a plus)
  • Redis and databases (MongoDB, PostgreSQL)
  • Cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, or Azure
  • Docker and related containerization technologies (Helm and Kubernetes are a plus)
  • Strong computer science fundamentals
  • Good to have knowledge of Google and Facebook advertising systems,
  • Startup and/or e-commerce experience is a plus,
  • Superior communication, organization, and time management skills,
  • Teamwork-oriented, self-motivated and open-minded, open to feedback,
  • Eager to learn about technological developments,
  • Innovative, proactive, multitasking, problem-solving attitude,
  • Proficiency in English is a must


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