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Digital Solutions
Our main focus lies in user behaviors!
  • Strategizing through data-driven insight, testing, and learning
  • Monitoring and evaluating the KPIs of marketing channels
  • Budget optimization
  • Managing campaigns and creating future strategies
  • Customized automatic consolidated reports, scripts and forecasting
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Performance Marketing
We conduct data analysis in line with your targets!
  • Data architecture creation, control and integrations in Web and App specifics(Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Firebase, Adjust, Big Query etc.)
  • Data analysis with conversion optimizations, user segmentation, budget allocation strategies
  • User experience (UX) recommendations and A/B testing (Google Optimize)
  • Advanced reporting and automation
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Product Analytics & Data
We determine the channel and media strategy according to your needs!
  • Planning a brand-specific funnel
  • Inclusive and multidimensional customer segmentation
  • Creating and keeping brand awareness alive
  • Accurate customer perception, strong brand positioning
  • Reaching large audiences with effective visibility
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Digital Media Planning & Collaborations
Information comes from data, traffic comes from information!
  • Keyword analysis and position improvements
  • Technical optimization with scan analyzes
  • Organic traffic and increasing visibility
  • SEO compatible content analysis
  • Off-Page SEO Reports and Competitor analysis
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
We take brands to international markets!
  • Positioning businesses in international markets through our partners
  • International market research
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E-Export & International Growth Operations
We create advanced software solutions by blending software and digital marketing knowledge!
  • Optimizing advertising activities with advanced scripts/automations
  • Generating comprehensive reports by combining data with various sources
  • Creating custom solutions to specific problems
  • Producing content covering software and digital marketing information
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Advanced Automation Solutions
We take the visual language of brands to the next level!
  • Branding support
  • Brand positioning strategies
  • Social media competitor analysis
  • Creating target-oriented ad setup and visuals
  • Social media content planning
  • Creating a social media strategy
  • Creative solutions for use in digital media
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Marketing Communications
Transition to the digital world with e-commerce!
  • 360 degree development and sales consultancy
  • E-commerce website setup
  • Payment integration support
  • International sales opportunities within the partnership of AliExpress
  • Marketplace integration and management
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E-commerce Management
Company Culture
Company Culture
People Oriented

We are working tirelessly for contributing to ourselves and to our common culture. In order for everyone to be a part of a peaceful work environment where they can reach their maximum potential, we keep a flexible, adaptable communication structure.

Friendly Work Environment

We have a warm work environment that strengthens friendships alongside being colleagues. We do this by adopting a transparent and open communication style. It is part of our daily routine to come together and share the culture, art and sports related content that make an impact on us

Feedback Culture

Our transparent communication style is maintained by providing constructive criticism and open-minded acceptance of criticism in order to constantly improve each other through our feedback culture.

A Dive into Prompt Engineering Techniques Pt.1
A Dive into Prompt Engineering Techniques Pt.1

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Key Steps of Our Black Friday Success
Key Steps of Our Black Friday Success

Have you ever wondered about how AnalyticaHouse consistently succeeds on Black Friday?

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Promising Predictions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023
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Customer Journey
Initial Interaction

Understanding the current situation, expectations and needs of the brand, representing the services that can be offered by AnalyticaHouse

Pre-research and analysis

Determining the next steps and timing in line with the brand's calendar, expectations and process management

Determining Needs

Creating a project group for the process in line with the needs of the brand and the services expected from us. Analyzing the current situation of the brand with the teams, auditing according to the necessity and creating outputs reflecting the AnalyticaHouse approach and vision

Customer Meetings

Sharing the research outputs with the brand and guiding the needs

Offer Processes

Preparation and sharing the proposal with the brand which includes the team structure, meeting structure and the designated time frame of the team that will provide the services to the brand


Signing bilateral agreements with the brand once the offer is approved

Operation and Reporting

Introducing the project team with the customer, transferring the identified needs and processes, and starting the operation while deciding on the reporting processes

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