AnalyticaHouse is a strategic digital marketing partner focused on results. Our aim is to create the perfect multidimensional digital environment with automation and data. Creating our partners’ strategy by leading all their marketing efforts; analyze and visualize every piece of data to assist our partners’ to reach their goals and objectives.

Meet the Team

Codeless team is a group of talents and professionals

Kıvanç Ünal
Founder & CEO

Boğaziçi University - Computer Engineering
Trendyol Head of Marketing

Tansu Poyraz
International Performance Marketing Lead

Istanbul Technical University / Industrial Enginering

Digital marketer who loves a good challenge and building strategies in a dynamic environment, worked with Trendyol Marketing Development Team.

Onur Zengin
Head of Performance Marketing - Turkey at Analytica House

Istanbul Technical University / Industrial Engineering

Digital Marketer who is data-oriented and passionate to get good results,worked for Trendyol Performance Marketing Team

Merve Düven
Head of Analytics

Bilkent University - Industrial Engineering

Analytics and digital marketing enthusiast who is data driven and loves being challenged, worked for Trendyol as a Digital Analytics team lead

Begüm İdemen
Art Director

Marmara University / Fine Arts

In love with art, design and history, worked for Groupon and Trendyol as a Graphic Designer

Barış Gürbüzler
Business Development & Project Management Lead

Istanbul Technical University - Management Engineer

Digital marketer with a special interest in museum and art marketing

Özge Yeşiltaş
Sn. Digital Marketing Specialist

Galatasaray University - Mathematics

University of Lille 1 Sciences and Technology - Applied Mathematics & Social Sciences (MASS)
In love with programmatic but sometimes likes to cheat with Google ads

Bahar Deniz Türkkan
Sn. Performance Marketing Specialist

Koç University / Economics

Digital marketer with a curious mind and a creative soul.

Furkan Deniz Aslan
Sn. Performance Marketing Specialist

Marmara University / Business Administration

Loves numbers and to find what they mean

Beliz Kırali
Sn. Performance Marketing Analyst

Istanbul Technical University / Industrial Engineering

Digital Marketing Analyst who loves to play with numbers, motivated to make a difference & inspired by the power of music

Ayşe Kuter
Performance Marketing Analyst

Boğaziçi University / Chemical Engineering

Digital marketing analyst who is highly motivated to participate in innovative and exciting projects

Meltem Ejder
Performance Marketing Specialist

Yıldız Technical University - Political Science & International Relations / Bilgi University - MBA

Turkcell - Corporate Communication / Corporate Sales
Digital marketer who loves doing what she loves.

Cansın Koç
Performance Marketing Specialist

Istanbul University / Economics

Digital marketer who loves having new perspectives

Duygu Haykır
Performance Marketing Specialist

Yıldız Technical University / Industrial Engineering

Digital marketing novice who loves traveling

Elçin Kaya
Performance Marketing Specialist

Sabancı Universtiy - Industrial Engineering / UPF Barcelona School of Management - MSc in Management

Digital marketeer who believes the power of data while being a nature appreciator.

Yağmur Ünal
Finance Director

Yıldız Technical University - Engineering Mathematics

Think well, take quick action and experience results

Melodi Şahin
HR & Office Manager

İstanbul Bilgi Universitesi - Sinema&TV / UCLA extension - Digital Marketing

a passionate person who obsessed with to create an environment to work with love, peace, and joy. experienced in different sectors.

Yağmur Zafer
Business Development & Project Management Specialist

Izmir University of Economics - Sociology / Boğaziçi University - Digital Marketing Communication

Enthusiastic about constantly evolving technologies in social business networks and visual culture.

Sena Koç
Graphic Designer

Yıldız Technical University - Photography & Video

Junior designer who is on training to make designs for reputable companies.

Zeynep Batman
Performance Marketing Specialist

Boğaziçi University / Tourism Administration

Big believer in learning from trial-and-error. Interested in web development. Loves arts, yoga and procrastination.

Abid Emre Koruk
Performance Marketing Specialist

Boğaziçi University / Economics

What makes a digital marketer a good digital marketer? I seek to know. So true.

Oğuzhan Gömleksiz
Performance Marketing Specialist

Boğaziçi University / Management

Self-help geek who is always striving for better. Loves meditation, yoga, sports, fashion and photography.

Moataz Sheikha
Sn. International Performance Marketing Specialist

Damascus University / Banking

Inspired by art of all kinds and enthusiastic about innovation & marketing technologies and data to create new opportunities for businesses and consumers.

Bahar Özkan
Performance Marketing Trainee

Boğaziçi University / Economics

Fast learner and tech enthusiast who loves capturing all the colors of the world

Doğukan Serbes
Performance Marketing Trainee

Boğaziçi University / Management

A rookie digital marketer who seeks to learn and get better everyday.

Ali İhsan Erdem
Software Developer

Boğaziçi University / Management Information Systems

"They won't hunt me. Because I know magic. Because I'm not their hero, I'm a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a tech support wizard."

Mehtap Metinoğlu
Sn. SEO Specialist

Istanbul Technical University / Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering

Highly organized, passionate about her work, ambitious and driven, in brief, an SEO expert who always want to be better than yesterday.

Sametcan Öztürk
Sn. Performance Marketing Specialist

Istanbul Technical University / Industrial Engineering

Digital marketing lover who always seeks to improve himself and his surroundings.

Funda Düven
Digital Marketing Specialist

Ankara University / Law

Who is not afraid to take risks for her own dreams

Ege Güller
Performance Marketing Specialist

Boğaziçi University / Sociology Mercedes-Benz Türk- PEP Trainee (Marketing Communications & Digitalization)

A data-driven marketer who believes in new media revolution and cultural reconceptualization

Katerina Brovkin
International Growth Strategist

Florida Atlantic University/ Communications

An extremely enthusiastic, with a passion for building relationships and taking on every challenge head on!

Öykü Geyik
Digital Marketing Specialist

Bahçeşehir University / Industrial Engineering

Digital Marketer who seeks to create a difference with her work.

Pınar Kuş
Head of CEO Office

Istanbul University / English Economics & Bahcesehir University / English MBA
Finansbank Debit Cards & Overdraft Product Management
Denizbank Payment Systems Product Management
Türkiye Finans Payment Systems Marketing & CEO Office Department

Tuğçe Genç
SEO Specialist

Yıldız Technical University / Business Administration

Enthusiastic about digital world, energetic and positive.


Most positive member of our team who literally does not know anything about giving up